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Mature follicle size iui

The first studies to examine follicular sizes to trigger ovulation were in the .. The study group included all women undergoing a first cycle of IUI in our .. duration of the infertility, sperm motility, number of mature follicles, and. This causes the oocytes to mature in a similar way to the way they This means that follicle health and growth are important for IUI treatment. To identify the follicle sizes which were most likely to yield a mature oocyte, we analyzed follicle size data from IVF cycles triggered with. Feb 19,  · So once the follicles has reached a mature size, that is around 18 to 20 mm, we give a maturing or rupturing injection. So the major follicle is somewhere between . After trigger follicles continue to grow until released (36 hours later) so they could've been 2 x 22 & 1 x 19/20 by the te you ovulated. 3 follicles for IUI is perfect & the sizes are also perfect! Best of luck!! I got pregnant from IUI with 2 x 20 follicles on day of trigger-he is now a happy, energetic 3 year old boy!! I had IUI today they said I had 2 follicles mature on my rt. ovary. Doc says they were like 23 and 25mm so they were a good size. Hubbys sperm count was high, modility was excellent, and everything sounded good. I just don't know what they are comparing all this to. I went online and did some.
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