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  • 17.03.2010
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Guitar fetish pickup review

Howdy Duncan believers. I think that I can finally get an answer about "Guitar Fetish" and their pickups here. I believe that we get what we pay. Although I have no qualms with Guitar Fetish, I would only purchase pickups from model to the pickup you fancy and see if anybody has reviewed that pickup. they have some good pickups for the price point. I really like the Surf 90's and Fatbody Tele neck pickup. I haven't tried their lipstick tubes, but. Jan 06,  · Re: GFS VEH Humbucker Review GFS is a great option for upgrading cheaper, maybe less resonant, instruments. If you've got a cheap beater guitar, GFS pickups are really great. Even if it's not a cheap beater, they still do a pretty good job. GuitarFetish reviews 42 reviews Write a Review Ask a Question I received robo-responses that alluded to being too busy with orders and to give Guitar Fetish a couple of days to respond. I recently visited GuitarFetish to purchase a GFS 63 Stratocaster pickup set based on some other decent reviews I've read. I usully use Sweetwater but /5(42). GFS Guitar Pickups. Kwikplug Pickups are STANDARD SOLDER PICKUPS but the leads are detachable at the pickup- In other words They solder DIRECTLY to your existing pots and switches just like normal pickups. Most of the famous GFS Pickup designs may now be ordered with our Patent Pending "Kwikplug" system.
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