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Mayo clinic breast cancer vitamins

Chemotherapy for breast cancer also carries a risk of side effects . including any herbal supplements, vitamins or over-the-counter drugs. People with cancer that is estrogen sensitive, such as some breast cancers, should avoid applying large amounts of lavender oil and tea tree oil to the skin. Will eating soy increase my risk of breast cancer? Studies show that a lifelong diet rich in soy foods reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. However, eating a moderate amount of soy foods does not increase risk of breast cancer — or other types of cancer. Oct 10,  · At the Mayo Clinic Breast Clinic, you will find a caring, multidisciplinary team of experts to help you with all breast-related concerns, including breast cancer. They offer you personalized care in a supportive environment and the most effective options for diagnosis and treatment, including for complex and rare conditions. Many supplements are marketed as natural means of breast enlargement. Breast enhancement supplements typically contain a variety of herbs, such as saw palmetto and wild yam. Supplement manufacturers often discuss the potential benefits of plant-derived substances known as phytoestrogens on breast health. Nov 21,  · Some studies have suggested a link between soy or isoflavone supplements and an increased risk of breast cancer in women who have a family or personal history of breast cancer or thyroid problems. Talk with your doctor or dietitian before taking supplements.
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