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  • 21.01.2010
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How is breast cancer transmitted

It's a common question: Is cancer contagious? the 13 most common cancers including breast cancer, melanoma, leukemia, and colorectal. Learn how breast cancer spreads, how it's diagnosed, and how it's treated. A healthy person cannot "catch" cancer from someone who has it. Cancer is not contagious. "Metastatic breast cancer is a whole-body disease," Mayer says. You will also need hormone therapy if your cancer is sensitive to (meaning fueled by) the hormone estrogen or dickporn.info: Lisa Fields. Dr. Webster responded: It's not. Breast cancer is not transmitted from one person to another. It starts as a normal cell in the breast. The cell is damaged and instead of dying, it starts dividing, making more damaged cells that also divide. Breast cancer CAN NOT be transmitted, just so you know. So, don't be scared, you can't get it nor can you give it to any one else. the only way you can receive it is from your parents its a.
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