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Human male sperm

Sperm is the male reproductive cell. In the types of sexual reproduction known as anisogamy The human sperm cell is haploid, so that its 23 chromosomes can join the 23 chromosomes of the female egg to form a diploid cell. In mammals. Semen, also known as seminal fluid, is an organic fluid that may contain spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals and can fertilize female ova. In humans, seminal fluid contains several components besides. In the human reproductive process, two kinds of sex cells, or gametes, are involved. The male gamete, or sperm, and the female gamete, the egg or ovum, meet. Human sperm are 55 microns in length - sperms lined up head to tail equals 1 inch This sperm is morphologically normal - it has a normal shape Abnormal morphology with tapered head. Sep 17,  · Many men are concerned with what their male semen taste is like, most likely because they want to their woman to enjoy oral sex and eating semen. First of all, you women can be assured that that male semen is not fattening, containing only about 12 to 15 calories per ejaculation; the same amount found in gelatin or egg white. Jul 31,  · Special Sauce—The Answer/Debate. A normal male ejaculation (about one teaspoon’s worth) contains between five and 25 calories and a minimal amount of protein. Semen is only one percent sperm; the rest is composed of over separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, Author: Sophia Breene.
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