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  • 23.03.2010
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Breast worms hoax

Photograph supposedly depicts a breast rash caused by 'South American larvae' ?. it is claimed that the image shows a breast larvae infestation. sure you stay on top of Internet nonsense like hoaxes, scams and fake news. Circulating message that includes an image depicting an unusual rash on a woman's breast, claims that the rash harboured live larvae. Jul 31,  · The message is a hoax that has circulated in various formats since at least I could find no credible information about a skin rash like the one depicted in the circulating image. The breast rash ‘photograph’ featured in the message is almost certainly a fake created by combining two or more images in a graphics manipulation program. Jul 03,  · Internet Images of Worms in Humans: Real or Hoax? July 3, So, you’re surfing the net and you come across of an image of a maggot wriggling out of a human nose or a picture of a breast with what appears to be larvae peeking out from inside the nipple. Jan 24,  · A case I came across today a 40 yrs old lady brought to the ER complaining of breast lump. The surgeon said, 'there's a surprise for you. Come I'll show you'. As I went into the examination.
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