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  • 08.02.2010
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Royal jelly for sex

Up to half of women are hit with prolonged loss of sex drive BioBee Fresh Royal Jelly elixir claims to not only increase libido but stamina too. PDF | The study was designed to investigate the efficacy of treating the adult male rats with royal jelly (1g/kg B. Wt. orally) for one month with or. Royal jelly has been used for centuries to help with fertility and also libido There is little doubt that our sex drive diminishes at various times during our lives. 9 Most Common Healing Benefits of Royal Jelly. Hailed as "one of nature's best kept secrets" by Royden Brown, author of the Bee Hive Product Bible (Avery, ), this royal food contains an extraordinarily high concentration of vitamins B5, B6, and amino acids and is believed to be a potent antioxidant and a special rejuvenating substance that promotes tissue growth, muscle and cell regeneration. Royal Jelly is honey bee secretion that is fed to “chosen” bee larvae making it turn on the queen bee genes, growing larger and living longer than a regular worker bee.. Of course, marketers thought that this substance does the same things to human as it does to bees and started pushing Royal Jelly . Royal Jelly Reviews – Can It Really Increase Your Testosterone? Royal Jelly reviews, in this article I am going to talk to you about Royal jelly, and a particular product from a manufacturer called stakich, review it in a balanced informative way and how it can help sufferers of erectile dysfunction.
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