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  • 13.04.2010
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The woman with two vaginas

A woman born with two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas has defied the odds by giving birth to her first child. Eleanor Rowe, 36, only discovered her unusual anatomy five years ago when she went to freeze her eggs and a sonographer found her second womb. The 3D scan showed an. A woman born with two wombs, two cervix and two vaginas was told she had a 90% chance of miscarrying – but defied the odds and became a. 6 days ago Elizabeth Amoaa has uterus didelphys and that means she has two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs. Apr 07,  · The woman, known as NurseryRN, wrote that she found out she had two vaginas when she was 16 and visited the gynecologist. The condition is so subtle she didn't know she had it Author: Hannah Smothers. May 02,  · Youtube star Cassandra Bankson recently surprised her followers by revealing that she was born with two vaginas. The makeup guru, who has more than , followers to . Cassandra became famous because of her Youtube videos, where she admits to having a condition called uterus didelphis, which means she has two vaginas.
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