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Oatmeal facial cleanser

Fluidbase® Oatmeal Facial Cleanser is a soap-free gel for daily use. Suitable for the facial hygiene of all skin types, as it does not irritate the skin. Its formula. This Soothing Facial Cleanser Recipe features oats and chamomile and is suited for all skin types. Oatmeal has long been used to treat dry skin and itching associated with conditions such as eczema and rashes. Created by one of America’s best-known dermatologists, this remarkable Oatmeal Cleanser was inspired by rosaceans who made their own oatmeal facial masks. Using a colloidal oatmeal (whole oats ground into an extremely fine, silky powder) plus a rich assortment of other beneficial ingredients, this gentle, non-irritating and effective Cleanser leaves the skin feeling clean, hydrated and soothed. An oatmeal facial cleanser and scrub is an excellent alternative to soap. Oatmeal scrubs provide mild exfoliation and are soothing for dry or irritated skin. • 1 cup dry rolled oats • 1 teaspoon skin cream . Jun 02,  · Soothing Facial Cleanser Ingredients Ground oats – The primary ingredient is freshly ground oats, which you can make in a spice grinder, coffee grinder or Magic Bullet. It turns into a silky powder that feels milky and smooth on the skin. Alternatively, you can use oat flour if Servings:
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