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Oval mass in breast

Circumscribed oval and round masses are usually benign. Mediolateral mammogram shows a lobular, circumscribed, low density mass (arrow). calcifications are distributed randomly through the breast and are almost always benign. If the mass appears more like a 'lobule' than a purely round or oval shape, then it is somewhat more suspicious for breast cancer. A breast. Mammogram shows Mass: Distortion and Asymmetrical Breast Tissue On a mammogram a cyst is typically round or oval and with a well. Calcifications and microcalcifications. Tight clusters or lines of tiny calcifications (microcalcifications) can be a sign of breast cancer. Calcifications are common, especially after age 50 [ 19 ]. They may be related to past injury to the breast or an infection in the breast tissue (called mastitis) [ 19 ]. Circumscribed oval and round masses are usually benign. An irregular shape suggests a greater likelihood of malignancy. The margins can be described as circumscribed, microlobulated, obscured (partially hidden by adjacent tissue), indistinct (ill-defined), or spiculated (characterized by Cited by: 4. Jan 30,  · This oval mass is hypoechoic with posterior acustic shadowing. suspicious of malignacy - follow up recommended the cm /cm / cm oval mass in the right breast is at an intermediate suspicion for malignancy. An ultrasound guided biopsy is recommended.
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