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Do native americans grow facial hair

Question, thin Do American Indian males grow beards?Montie, 65, white, Grinnell, Iowa Question, thicker This may seem a silly and ignorant question to those. Beards and mustaches on Native American men are undoubtedly very possible, Why do Native Americans appear beardless in almost every picture, but. But many of them certainly do grow full, thick beards - as depicted on the I've never seen a picture of native Americans with much facial hair, though from what . Although most Native American men do not sport a mustache or a full beard, this does not mean that they are unable to grow facial hair. Most Native American men prefer to keep their faces clean shaven, although men from several tribes in, for example, the Northwest, do wear mustaches and even full beards. Keep Learning. Jun 16,  · It’s commonly stated that Native American men can’t grow facial hair. That’s a myth. As with other peoples all over the world, the amount of facial and other facial hair characteristics varies among individuals as well as related populations. If you want proof of that statement, check out this article from dickporn.info: Robert B. Brown. Jan 01,  · Do they not have facial hair? Curtis Mitchell. Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. The Indians’ lack of body hair is attributed to their Asian ancestry. What little they had, they usually plucked. Some tribes wore wispy mustaches: Navajos, Utes, Cherokees and some Northwest Coast tribes and Inuits. For other tribes, body hair held cultural meaning.
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