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  • 14.04.2010
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Getting spanked in public

Usually in Wal-Mart where all kinds of people shop. I've never seen a child that didn't deserve it be spanked in public. There's a few that are still vivid in my mind. Spanked in public. I was homeschool by a strict mother who spanked. At 17 I was ready for Mom came to my room produced her paddle took off my jeans and spanked me. Mom left the Somebody gets excited about spankings. Probably. When we got to the frozen food and my dad asked me if I wanted a big bag of pizza rolls. I started dragging myself to the floor and my pants were coming untied and they fell down. My dad used that as an opportunity to spank my bare butt!. The most public place I ever got spanked was by the side of a road when I was probably about six or so. I was acting up with a friend and I'm sure we'd ignored several warnings from our moms. Anyway, they finally made good with a threat to "pull this car over.". Spanked Naked in Public. I visit a few of these confession sites and could not believe I saw this story. I was out on a date with my girlfriend and we were playing Ping Pong against this other couple we had just met. All of a sudden this "streaker" starts to run my our table heading out the door. Jun 06,  · This one is sort of public my dad's friends where in the house my dad and his friends we're watching the the football game and my dad told me to get a beer for him and i said no get it your self he hit me in the face and he grabed my arm pulled down my pants and panties and he spanked me on the ass and then spanked me on the pussy a few times Author: Alex.
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