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Adult stem cell research facts

The primary role of adult stem cells in humans is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. While we call them adult stem cells, they are more. Stem Cell Research Facts (SCRF) is a collaborative effort of individuals and organizations to help patients, friends, and families, learn about the benefits of adult. In: Facts In the Cell Image credit: Genome Research Limited Adult stem cells supply new cells as an organism grows and to replace cells. Nov 21,  · Adult stem cell transplants are already widely used to the benefit of over a million people. Well over 1 million patients worldwide have been treated with adult stem cells and experienced improved health, based on data gathered by December Nearly 70, adult stem cell transplants were performed worldwide in alone. Jul 05,  · Adult stem cells are already designated for a certain organ or tissue. Some adult stem cells can be coaxed into or be reprogrammed into turning into a different type of specialized cell Author: CNN Library. Stem Cell Research Facts (SCRF) serves as a valuable resource for individuals, families and organizations seeking more education and awareness related to life-threatening or life-changing diseases and conditions. SCRF provides concise information and scientific facts for those of us who are not scientists, researchers or medical professionals.
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