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Thumb wrestling rules

Thumb Wrestling Rules “One, two, three, four I declare a thumb-o-war!” is a phrase you can hear in playgrounds and parks and wherever children play around. The World Thumb Wrestling Championships do not wish to restrict any purity of the sport, however as this is a prestigious international event, it is clear that rules . A thumb war is a game played by two players in a tournament called a thumb-a- war (or thumb These additions are optional and do not need to be included into the rules of play. The game is typically initiated with both the players uttering the. The game is typically initiated with both the players uttering the rhyme "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war", passing their thumbs over each other in time with this rhyme. The rhyme is sometimes extended with "Five, six, seven, eight, try to keep your thumb straight." or "Five, six, seven, eight. This should be a piece of cake.". Thumb Wrestling and CBBC ‘All Over The Place’ United! June 2nd, | by UK Thumb Wrestling. marked the debut of the one time World Thumb Wrestling Championship’s new Children’s competition, which gives kids the chance. Apr 21,  · The rules for thumb wrestling are two players will grasp hands, touch thumbs to the opposite sides of the other person’s hand three times, then come out wrestling. The object of the match is to hold the other person’s thumb down for a count of three, using only your thumb.
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