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Evolution of facial expressions

Finally, facial behavior is compared to that of nonhuman primates to provide some further phylogenetic perspective on the evolution of facial expression and its. Am J Phys Anthropol. ;Suppl Human facial expressions as adaptations: Evolutionary questions in facial expression research. Schmidt KL(1), Cohn. Evolution of Facial Expression. By R. J. Andrew. See allHide authors and affiliations. Science 22 Nov Vol. , Issue , pp. Humans have around 24 unique facial muscles that are designed for making facial expressions. Humans have the amazing ability to make and discern up to 10, different facial expressions. Evolution has no credible explanation as to why humans need such remarkable abilities in order to survive. The theory offers an explanation for the evolution of common facial expressions of emotion in mammals. Little experimental work has been done to extend the theory, however. Carroll Izard, a psychologist who is known for his work with emotions, discussed gains and losses associated with the . Jul 08,  · You can tell an awful lot about someone just by looking at his or her eyes — even if the person is a total stranger. How humans are able to so quickly Author: Kathryn Drury Wagner.
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