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Breast pain after hysterectomy

Many women have breast tenderness and pain, also called mastalgia. You are more likely to have breast pain before menopause than after menopause. Breast pain should go away after a person completely stops having periods and enters menopause. However, having hormone therapy during. After a hysterectomy (removal of the womb), the breasts usually show the same unusual redness or other colour changes; discomfort or pain in one breast that. Treating pain after hysterectomy: How they treat pain after a hysterectomy depends on the cause and severity of the pain. In normal cases, pain after hysterectomy responds well to pain medications. Taking enough rest during the recovery phase is important and doing too much too soon may lead to increased pain or tenderness. Sep 11,  · As a treatment for noncancerous uterine conditions, hysterectomy often improves the quality of life for most women.   This is often due to the fact that pain or painful symptoms are generally eliminated by hysterectomy. However, though uncommon, some women feel worse following surgery and regret the decision to have an elective hysterectomy. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Livingston on breast pain after hysterectomy: Having a hysterectomy does not increase you risk for breast pain. I Suggest you see your doctor for a breast exam and an order for a mammogram.
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